Audi TCM Replacement

Audi TCM Replacement - Your Audi's Transmission Control Module communicates with several components of your vehicle to determine how the transmission should work in your vehicle and adjusted to different internal and external conditions. The TCM is an essential part of automatic transmissions but in modern vehicles, manual transmissions also have control modules.

Audi TCM Replacement


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Audi Starter Replacement

Audi TCM Replacement

Audi TCM Replacement

One of the first signs of a faulty TCM is when the check engine light turns on, it signals that there is something misfiring or failing to connect. Another symptom is when the transmission starts to fail, taking too long to shift gears, or being stuck in one gear. When there is a full failure the TCM will stop working and your car's ability to move will be lost. Most Audi vehicles never experience any issues with their transmissions, but when Transmission Control Module issues arise is usually a high priority to fix in order to keep your car running properly.
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Audi TCM Replacement Process:


We begin the process by running a computer diagnosis that will indicate a series of test we would need to run to determine the TCM is the culprit of your transmission problems.


Removing the transmission control module can be relatively easy to extremely hard depending on the location of it on your Audi's car. Once we located it we will proceed to remove the part.


Replacing the part has several stages, first, we need to find the right TCM to replace in your transmission after this we need to program your TCM to work smoothly with your vehicle, this usually tends to be the most difficult part since you need the right software.


Finally, your mechanic will test your TCM by driving the vehicle and also running computer diagnostics. Once we finished with the process, we offer you a Free Car Wash for your Audi.