Audi Check Engine Light

Audi Check Engine Light - A check engine light on your Audi can be a sign of a serious issue affecting your vehicle. When a check engine light comes on or starts blinking it can be a source of worry for the driver. If your check engine light turns on its time to bring your car for a full computer car diagnostic to determine what is failing in your vehicle.

Audi Check Engine Light


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Audi Check Engine Light

Audi Check Engine Light

Fix Audi's Check Engine Light

All Audi vehicles are equipped with a computer diagnostic system that monitors your vehicle for any major system malfunctions. Whenever your Audi's computer detects any anomalies with the performance of your vehicle it will trigger the check engine light to let the driver know there is a problem that needs your attention. When the light comes on it is essential to take your Audi to an Audi Repair Expert to get a diagnostic. When running a computer diagnostic system it will give our auto repair specialist a list of codes and problems that need immediate attention. A check engine light can mean a number of things it's important to receive a proper diagnostic to pinpoint the issue.
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Audi Check Engine Light Repair Process

Computer Diagnostic

First of all, our expert technician will run a computer diagnostic with the latest tools and equipment to get a list of codes that guide our technician as to what the problem might be.

Dicephering The Codes

Codes are just a guide, they don't directly diagnose the root of the problem, instead, it tells our expert technicians what test should be run to determine the cause of the problem.

Part Replacement

Once our expert technicians find the root that causes the check engine light to turn on we will connect with our parts department to find the right replacement and perform the repair. 

Light Reset & Testing

Once the replacement is completed, our expert technician will reset the check engine light and will test your vehicle to make sure no other problem arises. Additionally, we will provide you with a Free Car Wash to return your vehicle fixed and cleaned.

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