Audi Control Arm Replacement

Audi Control Arm Replacement - Improve steering, handling, and performance of your Audi when you replace the control arms for your suspension system. The control arms help to assemble the front wheel to the rest of the body of your vehicle. Get an Audi expert to evaluate your vehicle today.

Audi Control Arm Replacement
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Audi Control Arm Replacement

Audi Control Arm Replacement

Replace or Repair Your Audi's Control Arm

The control arm is an important component of the steering and suspension system and it's essential to maintain it for the safety and performance of your Audi. The control arm joins the frame of the body to the steering knuckle which holds the front wheel. The control arm moves up or down depending on the motion of the vehicle. Control arms usually have wear and tear that is normal with the use of the vehicle and it is important to maintain and replace control arms when it presents problems. Some of the symptoms you may experience when a control arm starts to fail like your vehicle may vibrate, or your steering wheel may vibrate, feel loose, or may pull to one side. Get your suspension check today!
Complementary transportation alternatives to fit all your needs are available. Car Pick Up & Drop Off With Towing Vehicle Available.

Audi Control Arm Replacement Process:


Our service begin with a visual inspection and a computer diagnosis to determine any problem on your suspension. We remove the front wheels of your vehicle to check your suspension system.


After diagnostics, our mechanics will disconnect the control arm from the sway bar, disconnect the wheel hub and steering knuckle, and then we will remove the control arm for your Audi.


Once we remove the control arm we will need to find the correct replacement, our parts department will find your new control arm, we will connect it to the suspension system and put your wheels back and realign your wheels.


Finally, our mechanics will drive your vehicle and test the steering wheel and suspension. We Offer A Free Car Wash before we finally delivering the keys to you.

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