Audi Steering Rack Replacement

Audi Steering Rack Replacement - Gain full control over your steering wheel, drive better, and prevent any problems with your steering system. The steering rack works to help you move your wheels in the correct direction. It can be manual, electronic, or hydraulic and is an essential component of your steering system. If you experience any problems with your steering rack give us a call for a free inspection.

Audi Steering Rack Replacement


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Audi Steering Rack Replacement

Audi Steering Rack Replacement

Replace or Repair Your Audi's Steering Rack

The steering rack is what moves your wheels in the direction that you turn your steering wheel. It can be manual, hydraulic, or electronic, it is usually connected to your steering or drive shaft. When the steering rack presents problems usually there is some sort of leaking of power steering fluid this will start producing noises while you drive and it can also lead to rendering your vehicle undrivable. If your Audi presents problems with the steering rack is important to get an Audi vehicle technician to inspect your vehicle.
Complementary transportation alternatives to fit all your needs are available. Car Pick Up & Drop Off With Towing Vehicle Available.

Audi Steering Rack Replacement Process:


Like with any of our services, we will start with a full diagnosis of your power steering system, a visual inspection for leaks, a test drive and a computer diagnose.


To remove your power steering rack, we will begin by draining your power steering fluid disconnecting your rack from the shaft, tie rods, and hoses. Additionally, any electronic connection will be separated too.


Once the part is removed our parts department will make sure to find the right replacement and your Audi mechanic will install it putting all connections back together.


Finally, our mechanics will drive your vehicle and test the steering wheel to make sure everything works. Our Audi techs will inspect for leakings and other problems. We Offer A Free Car Wash before we finally deliver the keys to you.