Audi Intake Manifold Replacement

Audi Intake Manifold Replacement - Make sure your car gets enough air for the internal combustion process of your engine. Your intake manifold helps to distribute air mix with fuel to the cylinders of your engine which in turn produced an internal explosion that powers your engine. If your intake manifold starts failing it may require a gasket repair or a replacement of the intake. Bring your vehicle to our shop for a free inspection.

Audi Intake Manifold Replacement


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Audi Intake Manifold Replacement

Audi Intake Manifold Replacement

Replace or Repair Your Audi's Intake Manifold

Your intake manifold is a distribution component of your engine for air and fuel to the cylinder heads of your engine. The intake manifold gasket prevents any unwanted air from coming into your engine and prevents fuels from escaping from your system. If your experience problems with your manifold intake you may experience the following symptoms, a check engine light, bad engine performance, oil or coolant leaking, and high consumption of fuel. If you have problems with your intake manifold bring your car to our shop for a free inspection by one of our Audi Specialists.
Complementary transportation alternatives to fit all your needs are available. Car Pick Up & Drop Off With Towing Vehicle Available.

Audi Intake Manifold Replacement Process:


Before any repairs are performed our Audi mechanic will perform a computer diagnosis and perform a full inspection of your engine to make sure your intake manifold is the issue.


Removing your intake manifold and its gasket usually requires a lot of work as it may be necessary to remove other engine parts and to drain the oil from your vehicle.


We count with a parts department that will find and match the right intake manifold replacement to your Audi. Once this is done our mechanic will replace the part and install all component of your engine.


Finally, our mechanics will drive your vehicle and test your engine to make sure everything works. We Offer A Free Car Wash before we finally delivering the keys to you.

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