Audi Water Pump Replacement

Audi Water Pump Replacement - Prevent your engine from overheating with a water pump that circulates coolant to your engine. Your car's water pump helps keeping your car keep a cool temperature when the engine is running. If your Audi has a problem with the water pump bring your car to our shop for a free inspection.

Audi Water Pump Replacement


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Audi Water Pump Replacement

Audi Water Pump Replacement

Audi Water Pump Replacement

The water pump helps your engine keep its temperature within a normal range, it prevents your engine from overheating. The water pump is usually connected to the timing belt which powers the water pump making coolant circulate thru your engine. Usually when the water pump fails you will experience coolant leaking underneath your engine, additionally your Audi will begin to overheat and your car may not start. If your experience water pump issues with your Audi bring it to our shop, one of our Audi experts will help you with a free inspection.
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Audi Water Pump Replacement Process:


Our Audi specialists will start the process by running a computer diagnosis of your system. Additionally, our mechanics will conduct a visual inspection to verify where the leaks are coming from.


Our experts will begin by removing several parts including the timing belt, radiator hoses, gaskets and also draining your coolant from the radiator, then they will remove the water pump.


We count with a parts department that will help you find the right replacement for your water pump once we have the part our mechanic will install the water pump and put everything back together.


Finally, your mechanic will test your engine by driving the vehicle and also running computer diagnostics. Once we finished with the process, we offer you a Free Car Wash for your Audi.

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