Audi Spark Plugs Replacement

Audi Spark Plugs Replacement - Provide the spark your vehicle needs for the combustion process to happen. The spark plugs are an essential component of the engine ignition. Spark plugs provide the spark necessary that ignites the air-fuel mix inside your engine. If your spark plugs are failing bring your vehicle to our repair shop for a free inspection.

Audi Spark Plugs Replacement


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Audi Spark Plugs Replacement

Audi Spark Plugs Replacement

Audi Spark Plugs Replacement

The spark plugs are an essential component of your engine and they played a key role in the combustion engine cycles. The spark plugs received high voltage electricity for your ignition coil and provide a spark to each engine cylinder that when combining with the air-fuel mix it provokes a control explosion that powers your engine. When your spark plugs present problems your engine will struggle, experience vibrations, rough idling, cranking noises, loss of power, and poor fuel consumption. If your vehicle present spark plugs symptoms bring your vehicle to our shop for a free evaluation by our Audi Experts.
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Audi Spark Plugs Replacement Process:


Our mechanics will begin by doing a deep cleaning of your engine concentrating efforts on the spark plugs, after this, we will perform a visual inspection to detect damages to the spark plug connectors, the engine head or the wiring.


Usually removing your spark plugs is relatively easy, our mechanic will remove your spark plugs, inspect the plug to determine any damage, or to see if the plug needs cleaning.


We count with a parts department that will help you find the right replacement spark plugs for your engine once we have the part our mechanic will install the spark plugs and put everything back together.


Finally, your mechanic will test your engine by driving the vehicle and also running computer diagnostics. Once we finished with the process, we offer you a Free Car Wash for your Audi.