Audi Key Fob Replacement

Audi Key Fob Replacement - Get access to your Audi Vehicle by fixing your key fob. Our shop can help you cut, replace, program, and repair key fobs for your Audi's Vehicle. If you are ever in need with a spare key for your vehicle, call Prestige Auto Tech to get a replacement immediately. We have the latest technology to reprogram your Audi's keys.

Audi Key Fob Replacement


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Audi Key Fob Replacement

Audi Key Fob Replacement

Audi Key Fob Replacement

The key fob is a wireless remote control that interacts with the electric system on your Audi's vehicle. A key-fob usually has different functions like opening your doors, starting your Audi, controlling the alarm on/off switch, and more. Most modern Audi has the key attached to the fob and in the case of the newer vehicles, a key is not even required as the electrical system can detect the key fob wirelessly. If you lose your key fob or need a replacement it is better to get the help of an Audi expert that has the knowledge and technology to program and repair Audi Keys.
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Audi Key Fob Services

Key Cutting

We have the tools and equipment to cut and make copies of your Audi Keys. Additionally, we count with a parts department that can help you find any other part.

Key Fob Programming

Your Key fob is an essential device to operate your vehicle, it can help you control the starting, the locks, and lights for your vehicle. It is extremely important for this device to be programmed correctly.

Key Fob Shell Replacement

The natural life course of the key fob is not very long and problems such as worn out buttons, cracked plastic, and more start to show on your key fob. We can help you fix and replace the shell of your Audi Keys.

Battery Replacement

Additionally, we offer installation and replacement on batteries for you Audi Key Fob. Make sure your key never fails with a new battery.