Audi Instrument Cluster Repair

Audi Instrument Cluster Repair - Your vehicle dashboard is of utmost importance for you as a driver, it basically is how your vehicle communicates with you. Our specialist can help you replace, repair, or program your gauge cluster for optimal performance.

Audi Instrument Cluster Repair


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Audi Instrument Cluster Repair

Audi Instrument Cluster Repair

Replace Your Instrument Cluster

Your Audi's instrument cluster is composed of different instrument gauges and indicators that you need in order to learn important information about your vehicle. If your cluster fails it could potentially represent a hazard for you, the driver. Some of the information display in your dashboard are speed, distance, temperature, fuel, and more. Some instruments are analog and some instruments are digital. Additionally, your cluster is connected to your main computer which signals how sensors and other components are performing, whenever there is a problem with your vehicle performance you will see a light turn on, indicating your attention is needed.
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Instrument Cluster Replacement Process:


The process begins with one of our technicians inspecting your vehicle and running a computer diagnosis to make sure no other component is damage.


We take apart your front panel and disconnect all cable and sensors attached to your instrument cluster.


Our team in our parts department will find the right replacement or part for your instrument cluster repair. After, we will assemble the dashboard into your front panel and reconnect all wiring.


Finally, our tech will test your vehicle and make sure that the instrument cluster is working properly. Additionally, we will run an additional computer diagnose to reset any lights or diagnose additional problems. Finally, we will take your car to our Free Car Wash to deliver your vehicle squeaky clean.