Audi Ignition Switch Replacement

Audi Ignition Switch Replacement - Start your Audi when you turn on the key. Your ignition switch allows electricity to pass to your electronic system and activate the engine when you turn on the key. Make sure your ignition switch works properly, give us a call.

Audi Ignition Switch Replacement


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Audi Ignition Switch Replacement

Audi Ignition Switch Replacement

Replace Audi Ignition Switch

The ignition switch is a component of the control system of your vehicle that activates the electrical system and starts the engine on your Audi Vehicle. You can notice your ignition switch failing when you try to start your vehicle and the engine doesn't respond or it takes a couple of tries to start. The ignition switch role is to allow electricity to pass to the starter from the battery, so your vehicle can start. There is not a maintenance or inspection schedule for this part and it can fail unexpectedly without any warnings.
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Audi AC Compressor Replacement Process:


The first step to identify ignition switch problems is to run a digital computer diagnosis of your electrical system to make sure no other component is failing.


In most Audi vehicles removing the ignition switch is quite simple, but you always need to check that the lock cylinder is working properly before removal.


Replacing your ignition switch is quite a simple process just like removing it. After replacing it, it only takes a couple of minutes to assemble everything back to normal.


Testing your ignition switch is quite simple as it only takes turning the ignition and starting the vehicle. Once we finished with the process, we offer you a Free Car Wash for your Audi.