Audi Ignition Cylinder Replacement

Audi Ignition Cylinder Replacement - Your Audi's ignition cylinder is responsible for getting your vehicle to start when you turn the key or when you press the start button on newer vehicles. The cylinder is extremely important to your Audi's ignition and security. It allows you to quickly start your engine and also has a security mechanism to protect your Audi's from theft.

Audi Ignition Cylinder Replacement


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Audi Ignition Cylinder Replacement

Audi Ignition Cylinder Replacement

Audi Ignition Cylinder Replacement

The ignition cylinder has two main roles for your Audi Vehicle. First it controls the ignition which enables you to turn on and off your car. Secondly, it offers an anti-theft feature which makes it difficult for your car to get stolen. When the ignition cylinder system goes bad it is almost impossible to start your car, some of the most common signs that your ignition cylinder is failing are, a difficulty to start your vehicle and having to try several times before your vehicle starts. If your ignition cylinder is failing is time to get an Audi specialist to check your vehicle.
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Audi Ignition Cylinder Replacement Process:


The process begins with a computer diagnosis to assess that in fact, your Ignition Cylinder is the issue. Additionally, our specialist will test the connection and electronic power for it.


Removing the ignition cylinder can be quite a process as sometimes it may be needed to remove the steering wheel, airbags, and other components to remove the part.


Replacing the part is not a complicated process since most of the work is done in the removal process. It is important to find the right part to replace your cylinder for optimal performance of your Audi.


The last stage will be to assemble everything back and test your new cylinder with a computer diagnosis and manual testing. Once we finished with the process, we offer you a Free Car Wash for your Audi.

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