Audi ECM Replacement

Audi ECM Replacement - The Engine control module ECM also know as the Engine control unit ECU is a central computer system that controls your engine and its functions. It's important for the ECM or ECU to work properly, this guarantees the correct operation of your engine and the components that make up your vehicle.

Audi ECM Replacement


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Audi ECM Replacement

Audi ECM Replacement

Audi Engine Control Module Replacement

The Engine Control Modules is a computer system in your engine that receives, interprets, and reacts to information from different components on your engine. The ECM or ECU receives information from air-fuel sensors, emission control modules, valves, and ignition systems as well. Engine control modules aren't really designed to be repaired, in most cases, it requires it to be replaced, but our Audi experts can also offer you the possibility to repair it when it is possible. We are one of only a few auto shops that can repair or replace ECM or ECU for European vehicles like Audi.
Complementary transportation alternatives to fit all your needs are available. Car Pick Up & Drop Off With Towing Vehicle Available.

Audi ECM Replacement Process:


The process starts with a computer diagnostic to test if your ECM or ECU is responding to our test. Additionally, our mechanics will test the circuits to verify its working properly for your ECM.


Removing your ECM or ECU requires precision work to dismantle it from your engine and to test it for electronic work.


Replacing or repairing your ECM or ECU may take some time as it requires precision electronic work to make sure it's repair or replace correctly.


Finally, your mechanic will test your ECM or ECU by driving the vehicle and also running computer diagnostics. Once we finished with the process, we offer you a Free Car Wash for your Audi.

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