Audi Door Lock Actuator Replacement

Audi Door Lock Actuator Replacement - Make sure the electric mechanism to control, lock, and unlock your doors works properly. Some of the parts that include your door lock actuator include an electric motor, gears, and linkage, or a cable that extends or retracts to operate the lock.

audi door lock actuator replacement


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Audi Door Lock Actuators Replacement

audi door lock actuator replacement

Door Lock Actuators

If your Audi's vehicle door isn't unlocking when you press the remote control or when you turn the door lock switch, it is highly likely that your door actuators aren't working properly. Being locked out of your car is not a pleasant experience, so you have to make sure your electrical door lock actuators are working properly. On most modern Audi vehicles door lock actuators are monitored by electrical controls that process antitheft codes when the key fob transmits a signal to unlock your vehicle. There are many reasons why actuators stop working due to many reasons including electrical contacts or circuits wear out, dirt connections or motor fails.
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Audi Starter Replacement Process:


Before anything, our certified specialist will diagnose your vehicle by visually inspecting the problem and by running a computer diagnosis to determine any electrical issue with your vehicle.


By removing the driver's door panel and latch our specialist will find the door lock actuator and will remove it for an inspection and testing to rule out any other electrical issues with your vehicle.


Our parts department will find the correct OEM part for to replace your door lock actuator, once in our hands, we will replace it in your vehicle.


Finally, your mechanic will test your vehicle to make sure your door lock actuator is working properly with the key fob and also by using the key cylinder at the door. Once we finished with the process, we offer you a Free Car Wash for your Audi.