Audi Emergency Brake Cable Replacement

Audi Emergency Brake Cable Replacement - Make sure your vehicle remains motionless when your park your vehicle. Your emergency brake or parking brake will help you maintain your vehicle motionless in place when you park it. This prevents your vehicle from sliding or moving when the driver is not present. If you have problems with your emergency brake let our Audi experts help you fix it.

Audi Emergency Brake Cable Replacement


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Audi Emergency Brake Cable Replacement

Audi Emergency Brake Cable Replacement

Change Or Replace Your Audi's Emergency Brake Cable Replacement

The emergency brake cable is usually held in a fixed position and when the lever inside the driver's cabin is pulled or pressed the cable is pulled tight which in turn activates a drum brake that holds your car on the place and prevents wheels from turning or sliding. If you set your emergency brake and you notice that your wheels are not fully locked, then is highly likely that your emergency cable is damaged or broken. Also, sometime your vehicle may stay locked and the cable may not return to its original place. If you experience any issues with emergency brake cable get one of our Audi repair specialists to inspect your Audi for free.
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Audi Emergency Brake Replacement Process:


Our Audi Technician will start by inspecting your vehicle and your emergency brake cable, he will evaluate your brake system and will inspect manually your brake cable to see if the cable is engaging your brake system.


Our technician will proceed to remove your emergency brake cable. Additionally, here our techs will check your rotors, brake pads, and calipers to make sure it's in working condition.


Our parts department will make sure to find the right emergency brake replacement for your vehicle and our technician will replace it and will put everything back together.


Finally, we will test your emergency brake by testing it and driving your Audi to make sure it is running properly. Additionally, we offer you a Free Car wash service before returning the keys to your hands.