Audi Brake Pads Replacement

Audi Brake Pads Replacement - Bring your car to a stop quickly with new brakes pads that work flawlessly. Ensure the safe operation of your vehicle with a well-kept brake system that responds whenever you need too. Keep yourself and your passenger's safety well protected with a brake system that performs on the road. Our Audi specialists are ready to help you with your brake system.

Audi Brake Pads Replacement


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    Our Professional and Certified Auto Technicians Provide A Full Range Of Services For Your Vehicle's Brake System.

Audi Brake Pads Replacement

Audi Brake Pads Replacement

Change Or Replace Your Audi's Brake Pads

Brake pads are a component of your brake system that is designed to create friction with your brake rotors in order to slow down the rotation of your wheels. The rotor is the disc that is connected to your wheels and is where the pads apply force to generate the friction. Your brake pads should be changed as part of your regular maintenance every 30,000 to 70,000 depending on your vehicle specifications and use. Some signs of your car needing brake pads replacement can be, a check engine light, high pitch noise from the wheels, grinding sounds when braking, brake fluid leaking, a soft brake pedal if you experience any of these symptoms bring your vehicle to our Audi shop for a quick inspection.
Complementary transportation alternatives to fit all your needs are available. Car Pick Up & Drop Off With Towing Vehicle Available.

Audi Brake Pads Replacement Process:


Our Audi Technician will start by inspecting your vehicle and your braking system, he will evaluate your brake system and will inspect manually your brake pads to measure its wear and tear.


Our technician will proceed to remove your wheels, calipers, and the clips that hold your brake pads together. Additionally, here our techs will check your rotors and make sure it's in working condition.


Our parts department will make sure to find the right brake pads replacement for your vehicle and our technician will replace the brake pads and will put everything back together.


Finally, we will test your brake system by test driving your Audi to make sure it is running properly. Additionally, we offer you a Free Car wash service before returning the keys to your hands.