Audi Freon Recharge

Audi Freon Recharge - Freon needs to be replaced and recharge in your Audi Vehicle on a regular basis. Get cold air blowing through your car vents as soon as you recharge your air conditioning system.

Audi Freon Recharge


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Audi Freon Replacement

Audi Freon Recharge

Recharge Your Audi Air Conditioning

Freon has been used as a coolant in Vehicle AC systems since early in the century. Puron is a new gas that is been implemented in new cars because of its environmental properties. Regular maintenance to your AC system helps you maintain an appropriate level of coolant gas (Freon/Puron) to help your Air Conditioning system cool temperatures inside your vehicle. Our Audi AC Service counts with the latest technology and with certified professionals to handle Audi air conditioning cooling systems. Let us handle your Freon replacement or repair with the appropriate tools and the latest environmental protocols for a safe and pleasant experience.
Audi Repair gives you complementary transportation alternatives to fit all your needs are available. Car Pick Up & Drop Off With Towing Vehicle Available.

Our Diagnostic Service Includes:

Freon Dispenser

We begin by attaching a can of the refrigerant dispenser to your low-pressure line port in the air conditioning system.

Turn On Vehicle

We turn on your vehicle and turn on your AC system to its maximum capacity to enable the quick flow of air on the system.

Check Components

Your mechanic will check that all components on your Audi's air conditioning system are working properly for dispensing.


Your mechanic will begin dispensing the Freon Gas slowly into your system. Measuring the pressure according to the temperature of your car.