Audi Blower Motor Repair

Audi Blower Motor Repair - Get cold air circulating in your Audi's cabin, decrease temperature in your car while expulsing the warm air of your vehicle. The Essential function of your blower motor is to circulate cold air while removing hot air.

Audi Blower Motor Repair


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Audi Blower Motor Repair

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The blower motor is part of your heating and cooling unit and it has several components that may become damaged including connectors and the blower motor resistor. When your AC stops working it's important to inspect and diagnose this part to make sure your vehicle has proper airflow and circulation, this part is essential for moving air to the inside of your car. There are a couple of signs you should watch out for to determine if you have a faulty blower motor, first, you may notice air circulation and blow strength is lost in your AC system, also you may hear a clicking or other noises when you turn on your AC system. When you have a damaged blower motor it is recommended not to use your AC system until an Audi mechanic makes an inspection to your car.
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Audi Blower Motor Repair Process:


A full inspection of your Audi's AC system is necessary before any estimate or repair to determine if the blower motor or any of its components need replacing.


Once a diagnose is available we will make recommendations for your approval and start replacing the part. It is important to note that since this part is vital for your AC system, once it fails it may damage other parts of your AC system.


Replacing the part can take a few minuter or maybe a couple of hours depending on the part that needs to be replaced. If it is your blower motor most likely it will take time but if it is a component like a resistor this can be accomplished in less time.


As with all of our services, before turning your Audi in your hands, we test it to make sure your vehicle is running appropriately.