Audi AC Fan Replacement

Audi AC Fan Replacement - Make sure your AC system works properly by keeping your AC Unit cool while it works. The AC Fan keeps your AC unit cold preventing overheat and overcharge of your cooling system.

Audi AC Fan Replacement


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Audi AC Fan Replacement

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Cool Down Your AC Unit With A Fan Replacement

The main function of the AC fan is to keep the AC unit system cold while it works. When your AC system is working it generates heat, this heat can damage your AC unit therefore the fan cools the AC unit to prevent it from damage. When your AC fan is not working properly the pressure in the AC system increases and this leads to the AC system failure. The main symptom to know that your vehicle's AC Fan has been damage is the lack of cold air when the AC is on. It is recommended not to use the AC system when your AC Fan is not working as it can damage other components in the system. Getting your AC system inspected will help you prevent major damage to your AC unit. Give us a call to help you.
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Audi AC FAn Replacement Process:


To start we will need to make a visual inspection after that one of our mechanics will test the pressure of your AC system, finally, an electric test will be performed on the fan to see if it's failing.


Removing this part may vary depending on the model of the vehicle. In some vehicles, it requires a complex process of removing close parts or the front grill of the vehicle.


Replacing your AC Fan is usually quite simple, you always need to make sure that the new fan is exactly the same as the old one. You want to make sure it has the same capacity. We have a parts department that will make sure of that.


Once the installation is done out team of experts will perform a pressure test and will test the AC unit to make sure everything is working accordingly.