Audi AC Evaporator Replacement

Audi AC Evaporator Replacement - Get your Audi's air conditioning system to work properly. If your car blows warm air through your vents to the cabin your Evaporator needs replacing. An Evaporator takes the hot air and turns it into cold air. Get a chill temperature in your cabin by fixing your AC system.

Audi Evaporator Replacement


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Audi AC Evaporator Replacement

Audi Evaporator Replacement

Audi AC Evaporator Service

When your Evaporator goes bad, your AC system will blow warm air usually this can be because of a clogged or leaking evaporator. This prevents your air conditioning system from compressing and expanding refrigerant to change the air temperature. Another reason an evaporator may fail may well be because of a faulty expansion valve which usually depressurizes refrigerant to cool the air. Usually, a faulty evaporator isn't damage that will prevent you from driving your car but it will certainly make your cabin uncomfortable if the weather is hot which is very common in Florida. Most evaporators don't need replacement usually unclogging the evaporator will do to get your car back to normal. Call us today for an inspection to determine if your Evaporator is failing.
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Audi Evaporator Repair Process:


Your mechanic will inspect and check your entire AC System with our latest diagnostic tools to determine if your Evaporator is the cause of your AC problems.


To remove your Evaporator it is necessary to empty your entire AC System. This process is very delicate and should be done carefully as the refrigerant may burn the skin of the mechanic.


Accessing the Evaporator is quite complex and sometimes it requires the removal of the front panel but once we get there we can replace it or unclogged it depending on the need.


Once your Evaporator is replaced or fixed we will put back together with the entire AC system and any other part of your vehicle and conduct a test to make sure your new part works as expected.

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