Audi AC Compressor Replacement

Audi AC Compressor Replacement - Maintain a pleasant temperature inside your vehicle even in the hottest of weather. If your car is throwing hot air through your vents a check your Air Conditioning Compressor is necessary.

Audi AC Compressor Replacement


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Audi AC Compressor Repair

Audi AC Compressor Replacement

Replace Your Audi's AC Compressor

The air compressor is an essential component of your air conditioning system. It acts as a pump to compress refrigerant gas and pass it to the evaporator. The compressor has several components including the clutch, bearing, electrical connectors, and seals. All of these components must work in sync for your air conditioning system to work. If one of them fails then you must replace your compressor. There are various symptoms that can tell you if your AC compressor is failing. A lack of airflow can be one of the first signs of failing, also when the vents blow out hot air can be a sign of a faulty compressor, another sign may be a clicking sound coming from the engine. If you experience any of these signs or have a faulty air conditioning system don't hesitate to give us a call or make an appointment with our shop.
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Audi AC Compressor Replacement Process:


Your mechanic will begin by performing a series of diagnosis including pressure testing to determine you have a faulty compressor.


Once determined you have a faulty compressor, your mechanic will proceed to remove the refrigerant and compressor of your engine.


Your new compressor will be fitted to your engine and air conditioning system and then a refill of your refrigerant will be performed.


Your mechanic will perform a trough inspection of your Air Conditioning system to make sure everything is running smoothly. After this your Audi is ready.

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